I don't write good

I mean, I could, if I really cared about the writing I would sit and think up some points, counterpoints, develop a story, engage the reader.

But instead, I spend that time and effort writing code and I just want to put code samples up with some description of what's going on, so my writing has taken a severe hit over the past decade or so. Although I was reading through some of my old posts and some genuinely made me laugh out loud.  So I write for me, is one aspect of it. Also I structure some sentences weirdly... "So I write for me, is one aspect of it".  This is just evidence of a severe lack of thought process in writing. However, I believe my code is pretty nice.

I remember a writing class I took in college, I had started out, my first paper was a D+ or C-, something bad like that. These were 4-5 page papers on whatever subject with a pre-determined theme. By the end of the semester, I was cranking out As because I learned so much about writing in such a short time. That professor was very good, and I forget his name.

All memories of what I learned in that class are long gone, and you're stuck with dealing with unstructured ramblings with snippets of code strewn about, but at least the image at the top of the page changes every time you refresh the page. So life goes on.