Hard G Soft G

Me:  "It's GIF not JIF"

Also me: "It's Rejex not ReGex"

Only Two Things Are Certain In Life

Death and taxes, and not accounting for everything at the beginning.

Some Plays on Words and Phrases

Sometimes hilarious things pop in my head. Actually, I'd wager that sometimes that doesn't happen. Implying it happens most of the time. Here are some new ones (for me) for you potential comedy writers out there. I don't need any public credit :P  Maybe just a comment or email.

"Do I look like somebody who " ... You know this. "Do I look like someone who checks the toilet seat before they sit down?"  Or "Who cares what color their shirt is?"  etc. Here are a few fun ones I came up with.

"Do I look like somebody who looks like somebody?"   Yeah, pretty bad.

"Do I look like somebody who asks to be compared to anybody by their looks?"  A little better.

"Do I look like somebody who looks at things?"  Might be said by a blind person, so after my original inspiration for this, the ingenuity has been lost and it has been discounted back to lacklustre.

That's all I got though. Any more would be forcing it. You might argue the first 3 are as well ;)

Let me be the first to say

Puerto Grico  or Puerto Greeko.  TM :)

Japanese Context

there's a trailer for final fantasy 7 remake


it starts off with a bunch of japanese characters, and names, for example, "Kitase". So you're in a Japanese context.

then at the end it says "REMAKE" and i was like, what the fuck word is that, trying to pronounce it like a japanese word



Sneaked vs. Snuck

I make up words on occasion, but this isn't one of those occasions.

Read more at Sneaked vs. Snuck


I was hanging out with a really good friend last night who was telling me about her relationship with a coworker that she had. I figured there should be a term for that type of relationship, best friends that you work with, I initially thought "career-mance" but then decided on the much more obvious term, "Promance".

Searching the internet today, I found that I was not the first to come up with this term.  Oh well, great minds think alike I suppose :)

Boerst Frienemy

I think I made that up just now. Actually it was yesterday and I'm finally getting around to documenting it now.

Boerst Frienemy which is the portmanteau of best friend and worst enemy. I realize frienemy has been around for a while. But I hadn't seen Boerst Frienemy.

It's basically someone with which you are acquainted, not having any positive or negative feelings for them. It seems like an awesome word

Command Line Commie

Not sure if that's a phrase or not already in existence. But I will take full credit for it.

I'm a Command Line Commie. I prefer command line and GUI tools are a waste of my time. Tell that to me of an hour ago which just upgraded the editor on his website to CKEditor :)

In Honor

In honor of your tattoo of my face on your back, I got a tattoo of your back on my face.


The ability to lie about how awesome I am.