Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. I'm exhausted. Friday, my brother went to the Phillies game and left me about half a case of Busch cans. I decided to forget about anything else and just hang out front and drink beer. I was hoping my neighbors would be hanging out too, and they were, so that was clutch. We had a good time. My cool neighbors were hanging out a bit, and they asked me to go downstairs and help them with their basement. They were putting in the floor. So of course, I stumbled on down the stairs, and found the only spot of the floor that had no tiles on it, only glue. So under their tiles are two big footprints of mine! I'm forever a part of their house ;-)

Saturday was a similar day. Video games in the morning. My brother cooked ribs, we hung out front with our neighbors, except I didn't drink. We ended up eating pretty much all weekend. Sunday, the same thing. We were beat so we went to bed at like 10. Well, my brother did, I was trying to find out what show I wanted to watch that could put me to sleep. I ended up staying up until 4am, with a 9:45 tee time the next morning. I watched "The Girl Next Door" which was pretty good. I also watched a movie called "Stealth" which was alright. It probably bombed at the box office because I had never heard of it, and it was available free on demand... a rare occurrence for a movie released last year. Basically, this advanced AI controlled airplane gets struck by lightning and ends up going bezerk and almost starting war on Russia.

Yesterday we went golfing. I sucked. The first few holes I was doing awesome, but then I think the heat got to me. It tends to when it's 958643 degrees Fahrenheit in the sunlight and 958642 in the shade. I ran out of my thirst quencher on the 13th hole, but really on the 8th, since after the 8th it was like hot cocoa. Not ideal for cooling someone down. I wasn't thirsty but man was I hot. Anyway, long story short, I played my best golf for the first 8 holes, then my absolute worst for the rest of the day. I'm talking about after 6 holes, I had 26, when a pro could probably have 21-23. My drives were straight, my approaches were right at it and landing on the green pretty close to the hole. I was on fire. I ended up with a 45 on the front. Yes, 26 in 6, 19 in 3. The main problem began when I looked at my score after 5. I used to do that on this course, since I played it when growing up. I would get 28 or 27 after 5 holes. Monday I had 21. Pretty much one over after 5. But I stink.

After golf we went to my brother's house for more barbecue. This morning I feel like death.