Contact Lenses

I can see!! Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. I went to LensCrafters since it was easy and they let me make an appointment online. The people there were friendly and funny, the doctor was young and had a good attitude, and was fun.

They showed me how to put the contacts in, and without thinking that they, at some point, would have to come out again, thought "This is so simple, why didn't I do this years ago?!".  Then they had to come out!   I got through it in maybe 10-15 minutes. It was great help when someone, either the doctor or the assistant, would come in to see how I was doing / offer some advice.  I got dilated, got the exams, put my contacts in for the second time (much easier this time), and drove home.

I was put on a schedule, to wear them for 4 hours the first day. I put them back in around 6:10, so around 9:40 I headed upstairs to begin the arduous process of taking them out. It took me 25 minutes!!  This morning I woke up feeling like I had crabs crawling around in my eyeballs!

Anyway, I put them in again this morning, and it's amazing seeing everything with clarity. I can feel them in there, but that goes away and you get used to it. Today I'm supposed to only wear them for 6 hours, and I've passed that point. I might take them out here at work...

It is great for my photography!! I can focus!  I do manual focus, manual everything actually. This will lead to a higher percentage of non-blurred pictures!!

I got glasses around age 12, but in the end I only wore them at night when driving. I lost them at some point so for a few years I haven't had anything to help me see. So I got used to blur. Hence why it's amazing that I can see again :)