Why agile isn't a good fit for me

Agile is poop.

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Advent of Code 2022

Back into the mix with Advent of Code! I'm up to date so far in 2022, but I sorta cheated on one star, and I'm sure the remaining days will be brutal.

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Google Cloud Development - Data Access

Compile time dependency injection is still dependency injection!

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Flags vs. Configuration

I use both flags and configuration when writing new software, and tried to get my thoughts down on determining when to use each, or in some cases both, but never neither :)

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imgorg - The Image Organization Tool

I wrote a tool to organize the massive amount of photos, screenshots, and images I've amassed over the years. It works great and brought back a lot of nostalgia!

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SEO Considerations on AppEngine

In moving to AppEngine I also put in a bit of effort to make my site more SEO friendly and searchable. Hopefully it helps. I detail some of it in this post.

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Advent of Code 2020

2020 has been a bear but every December there's Advent of Code! I found day 9 to be really interesting, and came up with a decent way to solve it, I think so anyway.

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Quarantine - Code-id 19

Coronavirus has been a very productive time for me! I have used it to complete some woodworking projects, and have coded up many helpful tools in Go, of course. Recent problems have revolved around databases being out of sync, configuration complexities, and trying to copy large files over the network that would fail half way through.

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The Mind of a 20+ Year Developer

I've been coding a long time, and it has definitely had an impact on how I think. I also have an uncanny memory for things that I've built, and can usually describe the inner workings of something I wrong long ago, I think simply by imagining how I would do it today.

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SQL Server, A Million Updates, Multithreading and Queues

I've pretty much figured out how to run thousands of updates pretty efficiently for SQL server. As with most things, the answer is many at the same time.

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I write apps. Crudgeon generates code from code, with go-build-like syntax like //+property. It has saved me loads of time repeatedly and will continue to do so in the future, I imagine.

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Grunt Work Principle

Work smart not hard! The Grunt Work Principle defined

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Goals for the Summer

Goals for the summer... I've written a few of these in my life, it'd be nice to not have to do them again.

#1 - Code generator that generates code generators.
#2 - ORM which, based on inputs, will map the appropriate choice of ORM to my current needs. An ORM Mapper.