Responsive Design

I updated the site a bit today to include a very minor subset of responsive design features. You can view it on your phone, tablet, or PC (or just open on your PC and resize the width of the window to see what's going on! I use modernizr and respond.js 


Downgrade to Node.js v0.8.23!

Something's going on with 0.10.9 and 0.10.10, where it can't keep my server running. It appears to be related to streams or sockets. But 0.8.23 is working so I will just leave it be until the Node developers can get their acts together :)

I missed something

When rebuilding my site in Node.js, I forgot to include the Google Analytics code, and wondered why I was getting no visitors, felt bad about myself, etc. I've resolved the issue as of last week.

2100% increase in visitors over the past 4-5 days

Amazingly, a hit registered last week at some point, before resolving it. I have no idea how.