This is a Cloud Server

New "Cloud" Server

I've recently switched over to hosting my sites on a Rackspace Cloud Server. I should save a lot of money on hosting. I have the 2nd configuration from the bottom, at about $0.03 per hour! It's sweet. The management console is awesome. My old host would only allow 10 subdomains across all of my domains, this management interface is just like, "limits? what's that?"

So I've got everything set up, after figuring out that CentOS automatically firewalls port 80, and everything's working. I'll get moved over tomorrow. Check out that site!! It's gonna be the bomb when everyone's posting their shit on there.

Cheaper for Baby's Sake

I'm moving to cheaper everything. Before I was just like "Meh... whatever" but Amanda and I are having a baby!! I have to save up some cash and lower my spending overall! We're due April 26th!! It's exciting!


Piano lessons are going good. I have bouts where I suck, but right now I'm getting pretty good, and I'm understanding the stuff he's teaching me. I'm going the jazz route. He wants to have me be in the recital this year. He's a new teacher, and I've been taking lessons for 3 years and it was never even suggested that I be in the recital... I don't know... I would be a nervous wreck the night before.