Fantasy Football Team 2008

Here's the rundown

Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAC
Wes Welker WR NE
Brandon Jacobs RB NYG
Jay Cutler QB DEN
Eagles DEF PHI
Anthony Gonzalez WR IND
Todd Heap TE BAL
Jon Kitna QB DET
Niel Rackers K ARI
Isaac Bruce WR SF
Chester Taylor RB MIN
Owen Daniels TE HOU
Eddie Royal WR DEN
Leon Washington RB NYJ
Raiders DEF OAK
John Kasay K CAR

I had 8th pick, I kept Eagles D so it moved up from 6th to 5th round. If I keep them again, it's a 1st round. The draft was a good time as usual, just very frustrating to sit there and wait for your pick to come up. Picking is fun though, and the last few rounds fly, even though I still did pretty good in those last four to five rounds. I'm happy with my draft. Barring injuries, suspensions, and under-performance, it should represent a good chunk of my team at the end of the season.

An even bigger week

So, some big weeks lately... This week:

Monday: Paid off my car on Friday and got the title on today!

Tuesday: Received second iPod Touch that I didn't order, and assumed I'm on some sort of iPod touch weekly subscription, for only $400 a week! I sent it back. (It was Amazon's fault, not Apple's :P )

The rest of the week... I will finally be buying my house! My parents sold their house and move on Halloween. They are hiring movers.

My keyboard's kinda screwed up because soda was spilled on it (not me!!). The keys were really sticky, so I pulled a bunch of them off and wiped behind them with a wet paper towel, but my "I" key will never be the same (although it works fine, it just sticks up a little more than the others), and my "0" (zero) key (and hence, my "close parentheses" key) makes some weird noise when pressed.

This month and next are big months for gamers:

Crysis Collector's Edition DVD-ROM with Bonus! PC Pre-Release
Ships 11/13/07 $59.99
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men with Bonus! PC Pre-Release
Ships 11/20/07 $49.99
Sim City Societies with Bonus! PC Pre-Release
Ships 11/13/07 $49.99
Super Mario Galaxy Wii Pre-Release
Ships 11/12/07 $49.99
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3 Pre-Release
Ships 11/20/07 $59.99
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure Wii Pre-Release
Ships 10/23/07 $39.99

That's my shopping cart at EB games.

This Friday will be the first time all of us from work head out to the bar since we hired a bunch of new people, including me! We're gonna get wasted.

I'm 3-3 in Fantasy Football this year, winning the last game by 2 points! Tony Gonzalez had a huge game, and Muhsin Muhammad has finally started scoring for me. My team stinks, though. It will be miraculous if I finish over .500. I only had 76 points, and really only got points from those two and the Eagles D. No one else contributes. This week I play my brother Scott. He'll be at the Eagles game so I'll have to call him and tell him I'm whooping his ass.

I joined Netflix finally. It's gonna be a great way to finally watch all those movies I haven't seen yet.

I'm also trying to quit smoking. It's rough, and I know drinking will make it really hard, but the trick would be to go back to quitting after a long night of drinking with a few smokes here or there. Drinking in Philly is a lot easier than in the suburbs.

This post has a little of everything.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Day 1

As I was working tonight, I had my fantasy league up in another window and was watching. New Orleans and Indianapolis (in particular Indianapolis) put up a ton of points. In our league, between New Orleans scoring a 55 yard touchdown (although I don't think anyone has IND defense), Manning, Harrison, Wayne, McAllister, Bush, Colston, and Addai, there were a ton of points scored. We'll see what happens on Sunday and Monday. My team looks pretty good compared to "Pud's" team with 3 injury reports (the red crosses), with 2 questionable for Week 1.