Prettier Site

I updated the site by incorporating a random picture that I've taken, pre-cropped, into the header.

As a developer and overall lazy person, finding and cropping 10 images to the size that I want was way too much. I will have to rectify this. I got a flickr API key. Here are my plans:

  1. Obtain Flickr API Key - Done
  2. Take Pictures
  3. Upload them to flickr the normal way
  4. Add a tag to them specifying that they are suitable for the website, like jtccom
  5. Write a service that checks for new photos of mine with that tag, download them, flag them as new
  6. Write an admin interface to show new images, and for now, let me click the important part of the image, so it can crop to the size I need around the specified point. Sizes will be pre-determined (3 sizes for the 3 different breakpoints I have defined in my responsive design (not much to it).
  7. Continuously have an inflow of beautiful headers that will display on my web page

It shouldn't be that bad. Nothing I've mentioned above has me too concerned. It should be fun! For now, though, I have 10 canned images that don't populate directly from flickr. They are random so you have have to refresh more than just 10 times to see them all. Enjoy!