I don't believe what I'm reading

From the Sun Developer Network site (developers.sun.com)

Get Sun Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 (full license), Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 (full license), and Sun Studio 11 (full license) software for FREE!

Here's an opportunity to get full-license versions of Sun's award winning integrated development environments (IDEs). Sun is currently offering users of the NetBeans platform and SDN members FREE copies of the Java Studio Creator ($99 value), Java Studio Enterprise ($1,895 value), and Sun Studio ($2,995 value) development tools.

Whenever people give stuff away for free, I always get nervous. It reminds me of that commercial for some sort of herbal memory enhancing stuff. The guy offers to give you a bottle for free just for calling. It's funny, because I'd never take that stuff just because the guy is like someone who I would not like to turn out like, if you follow that. He says "I've been taking it every day since we made it, and I wouldn't work a day without it." Meanwhile, he's got a twitch, his eyes are sort of crooked, and he talks out of the side of his mouth. I'm like, "If you want to sell your product, get someone ELSE to do your damn commercials." Are those effects of the supplement or is he just naturally like that? It's not something I would want happening to me. Then, at the end of the commercial, an old lady comes on and says "They're giving it away for free??!!? Then it MUST be good!!" WHAT?!?! That's proposterous. First off, there was never any scientific proof that this stuff actually works. Plus, they can probably afford to give it away because it's cheap, like sugar packets wrapped in a pill coating. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.

Anyway, back to Sun's Studio products. I'm sure these are excellent, but I'm still a stubborn user of Eclipse, as me and it are lovers. However, for *free*, it's definitely worth trying each and every one of those products out, and if I feel Eclipse is still better, than I can make up with it and hope it forgives me, or I can just use this excellent free software that Sun provided, for *free*, and tell Eclipse to go F#@%#!$! itself. OMG I'm kidding Eclipse!! I'd never do that!! Sorry!!!

(Meanwhile, the IDE I use in work, Visual Studio 2005, just crashed on me after apparently having a plus sign in the wrong spot. It just closes sometimes. I laugh at it.)

Finally, A Decent "Mentos" Commercial

I like that Mentos commercial with all the birds used as musical instruments. Compared to the other atrocities, it's a welcomed addition. It's a catchy tune. You can watch it here. The big pink birds make me laugh.