SQL Server, A Million Updates, Multithreading and Queues

I've pretty much figured out how to run thousands of updates pretty efficiently for SQL server. As with most things, the answer is many at the same time.

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I write apps. Crudgeon generates code from code, with go-build-like syntax like //+property. It has saved me loads of time repeatedly and will continue to do so in the future, I imagine.

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Grunt Work Principle

Work smart not hard! The Grunt Work Principle defined

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Sitecore Doc

It's difficult to get a grasp on a large Sitecore project, which is the main impetus behind writing Sitecore Doc. It generates HTML to summarize an entire Sitecore application on one page.

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Goals for the Summer

Goals for the summer... I've written a few of these in my life, it'd be nice to not have to do them again.

#1 - Code generator that generates code generators.
#2 - ORM which, based on inputs, will map the appropriate choice of ORM to my current needs. An ORM Mapper.


More null than null

// no value which is more null than null in this case.

A comment in my code just now. I highly enjoy implying degrees of things which have no degrees. Binaries. It is now more perfect code with this comment in there.


Statistically Hilarious

"Trying to determine a good base average for what I spend every month. But every month is an outlier"

Statistically speaking, that joke is hilarious.


My nail maintenance by necessity

my nails would not be considered "long" by any stretch, but once they get to a certain point, like millimeters, i basically can't type anymore


Royal Family News

Is there a way to turn off Royal family news? I managed to go years without knowing anything and I'd like to keep it that way


Gulp Coffee

compiling coffee script with gulp

"i can just do gulp coffee it looks like.
which is what i do all day anyway."


Philadelphia Sports 2018

I just need the Flyers, Phillies, Villanova, and the Sixers to win Championships this year then I'll be satisfied.


Too bad the Flyers are out of it though.

Brain Bending Stuff

I work on some pretty brain bending stuff, but today I was amazed when I went downstairs and when I got down there I remembered what I went down for :)


Flurry of Posts

I will be making a series of posts. Basically, I find the stuff I write on twitter is hilarious :D And it's only available on twitter.

Also, I was working on a guitar project. I am a huge fan of The Kinks. So I recorded myself playing guitar along with the entire Kinks - We Are The Village Green Preservation Society album. It's my favorite. The project was: Record myself playing guitar, figure out the songs that same day (usually, I did know a few already), it would have to be recorded on my cell phone, and mistakes are allowed!

So generally, the quality is bad and the playing is ok. The music is still great though. Here it is, the Village Green Office Sessions

For twitter posts, I'd probably like to write something that scans twitter for my posts tagged with a certain tag and import them automatically as posts. But I'm in a transition period on this site. Basically I want to learn Google's Cloud suite of tools and rebuild it there. So updates will have to wait.

Google App Engine on Windows

My first attempt at AppEngine resulted in having to hack the python that comes with it. It has since been changed and works much better!

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On guns

Going on facebook or something after a tragedy like what happened in Florida, it's such a waste of time. You really see the worst of both sides. I'm not for or against guns, I see the argument on both sides (I recently did a personality test and I'm firmly INTP which is nicknamed "Logician". I think and perceive and I don't let emotions really lead to decisions I make.  So I'm also not very opinionated.)

My thoughts are, there has always been crazy, there hasn't always been guns. In order for someone to kill 17 people before guns, before assault rifles or high capacity magazines, they'd have to either be a serial killer or in some kind of armed forces, a king. Or the leader of a cult. I'm simplifying. Basically, a single person couldn't weild something that gave them so much power that they didn't spend years trying to earn. This gives so much power to anyone who manages to stay sane for a little while to pass background checks, saves up a couple hundred bucks, and buys a gun. This is a desire for power with the classic means to gain it largely nerfed.

That's all.