I was watching the Star Wars Trilogy over the last few days as you can see here, and I noticed that there are a lot of moments in them that I don't remember, and, in my opinion, SUCK. Like, in Return of the Jedi, in the hole in the ground where they try to dump Luke, Chewy and Han in, there's a mouth on the thing, like some man-eating -fire-spewing plant in Super Mario Brothers. I never remembered a mouth on it. Also, before that in Jabba's bar, the music was different, and at the end there's these weird scenes that I don't remember being in the original. It makes it unwatchable. That bar scene and the hole that digests things in a thousand years were some of the more memorable parts of that movie, and they ruined it. But in September, they will have the originals out on DVD. Finally. This whole thing could have been avoided, and I wouldn't be mad at George Lucas, if they just did that in the first place. I mean, whoever thought the squeaky, chirping plant bird-beak in the hole was a good idea needs to be shot.

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