I've never seen The Empire Strikes Back

I just realized that this morning, after falling asleep really early yesterday and waking up at 4am today, I decided to watch "A New Hope" from like half way through, where I would get when I tried to watch it before falling asleep. So this morning, I finished watching IV, and decided to throw in V since I thought I haven't seen it in a while, let alone, ever. I started watching it, and realized that I have never seen it. I have only seen IV and VI. And everytime I want to watch one, it's usually Return of the Jedi since it's AWESOME. I got around 40 minutes into it before I had to get ready for work, but it's good like the other two :) Oh wait, there's like six of them now. I really don't count those new ones. I'll finish watching V tonight.

[Update] OK, so I've never seen the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Like, the first 75% of it. I have seen Yoda in the swamp, the X-Wing in the mud... I do remember that stuff. Definitely not all of it though. I'd say I remember about 10% of that movie watching it now. I haven't finished it yet, I fell asleep before it finished again. I think Han Solo's ship was just getting off of that moon with the giant worm in the crater. After that I don't remember much before passing out.

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