Investment Experiment - Week of June 1

We're kinda going places a little bit maybe soon. Able to make money buying calls! The literal sky is the literal limit.

So it's been a while since I posted anything. It wasn't for the lack of moves, but it wasn't full of moves either. I just have been not posting updates.

At one point leading up to May 21, options expiration day for my monthlies, I had sold 4 calls on ATOS for a bunch of money, as it was rising, in the hopes that it would fall and I would be able to buy back the options I had sold that are now in the money!

Well that worked, so I still have 420 shares of ATOS. But I learned nothing and I sold another call that got me $35. Strike price of $5.50 as ATOS was sitting around $3.50 I want to say. And of course it's shot up to $4.60 today (as of right now before market close, Thursday June 3, 2021, 7:56 PM EST). So yeah that's gonna be fun.

But my $1 July Call is worth a fortune for having spent $115 on it. It's tripled.

AND!! After making out only buying back 2 ATOS calls I ended up with cash in my account. Plus selling another call as mentioned above. So guess what I did?

That's right. I put my money to work. Yesterday, June 2 2021, I noticed OCGN shot up from the dead. I looked out of curiosity, I was able to purchase a call for $38. And after a bumpy ride up and down I was able to sell it for $80 the next day.

I missed some things. I may have bought shares of a few things that were mooning and then obviously decided to go down once I had them. But like 3 shares.

Where We Stand

1 sold call on ATOS made $35 (now worth $70, ugh).

Bought and sold some mooning biotech stocks. The old buy high and sell low. But you saw my cash balance, I think I had 10 shares of one, and 3 shares of another. Not a lot of cash to spread around in webull land.

ATOS to the moon ($4.60)

OCGN call made $42.

VTGN down a bit but still green. ETTX has entered the chat (not down like $300 anymore, only down $99)

CBIO is hopeless. Long live CBIO! I'll hold forever if I have to. UAVS has been my most expensive stock for the whole time, but it went down for a bit that CBIO was at one point more expensive than it, and now ATOS is catching up! Not much spread there. And ATOS has at times been my lowest priced stock.

Cash Balance: $101.94 (!!)  w00t

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