Investment Experiment - Week of April 26

Not much to report this week. Bought a put for the meme stock MVIS :)

Not a lot of movement on my end this week. Bought an MVIS put. I had to show all options in order to get one I could afford with my $10! That stock is fully overvalued because of reddit. I bought a $6 strike put for May 21 for $10.

ATOS and VTGN are having pretty good weeks. I'm officially up on VTGN, and was at one point today (4/29) with ATOS. CBIO is showing life, and thankfully UAVS is staying below my $7.50 call sell. My ATOS $1 call for June is up to around $150, spent $115.

Overall today is a red day at the time of this writing, but looks to be making a comeback.

Where We Stand

Previous balance: $10.78

Bought $6 May 21 Put for MVIS: $10

Cash Balance: $0.78

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