This is now running on Google's AppEngine

I recently changed the backend of this website from a Rackspace cloud server to Google's AppEngine, and I really appreciate the one click deploy. It's been a long time coming, but advances in tooling made it super easy.

I've been wanting to do this for a while. But recent changes in APIs and tooling from Google made it very easy now. Go's module management helped with that as well. I can run this on Docker for development, and then deploy it to Google's AppEngine almost as is.

For those curious right now, in Docker I use docker-compose to create two containers, one with nginx and one with the Go code. In nginx it forwards requests for all except for /static to the Go container. So for deploying to AppEngine, I just copy in the static folder into the Go folder and deploy that. Then delete it since I'm a stickler for my local development setup.

This should be free to run but we will see. I'm currently paying $27 a month for a server at Rackspace, and I'm pretty much over managing a server. I just want to write code and deploy it automatically and have it be cheap!  I think this gets me there.

As soon as my DNS finishes propagating and AppEngine updates, this will be https as well!  That's exciting.

You'll notice no header images anymore. But it's now on Bootstrap 5. I will update the site with new features to bring it back to its previous feature list as time passes, but it will probably be rapid, since it's one click :D  It's using google's cloud store for the files, and Datastore for the database.

I can't quite publish the code yet because I'm literally using the dumbest method for admin access. There's no username and password. The security is in its obscurity. Hopefully no one figures it out before I update it to be more secure, like through Google login.

Happy Valentine's Day and happy coding!

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