Adventures in Woodworking

I got into woodworking immediately before the pandemic and it helped keep me busy during weekends of not being able to do anything!

For a while I've wanted to dive into the world of woodworking. As with my foray into computer science 22 years ago when I started college, I know nothing about it going into it, only that I really want to learn it. So if it's anything like my computer science adventures, I'll break a lot of stuff.

I have a lot of ideas and needs for things that can be built from wood, as well as just the desire to learn how to do it, and have things that I've created. I think this is a little like my desire to learn guitar decades ago, and recording myself and getting better and better.

I was given a generous extra bit of compensation from my generous employer, and I've been paying off my debt recently down to $0 (except for mortgage and car), so with the extra money I saw the opportunity to just go ahead and dive right into my new hobby as a woodworker. I've bought the basic necessities, signed up for a 6 week course, and I'll probably just be doing that during nights and weekends. Although there is the quiet hours I have to worry about at night :)

I'm looking forward to building stuff. I'll make posts in the future with thoughts and experiments, challenges, etc.

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