IceDozer Review

Ice dozer! It's the bomb. I've broken two and bought replacements.

I posted this to Amazon, it might be up soon.

I worked with a company who did work for the Innovation Factory, I guess it's been around 11 years ago now.  Anyway, they paid the company I worked for in a box full of IceDozers.  I snagged one before I could be denied.  I've been using it every winter since then until this year, when stuck in an uphill parking spot, with a car behind me, I was not able to get out of my spot due to ice. In a frantic I took out my IceDozer and attempted to use it like a shovel, desperately trying to claw any bit of traction into the ice. The ice finally got the best of my IceDozer, and after 11 or so years, I had to retire it from its main purpose.  My daughter now uses it to clean up her puzzles.

Over the long years, I've become addicted to how the IceDozer is capable of taking the abuse I give it. I'm able to start my car, take out the IceDozer and clear off the ice in a minute or two, before the car has even warmed up enough for the defrost to start kicking in. I have saved loads of time. I ordered my new one the next day, and I was surprised to find them online so readily available. I look forward to the next many years of the same reliability I have come to expect from the IceDozer

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