MongoDB has an aggregate method

And I'm writing a disc golf score keeping and statistics tracking application.  I wanted to see what course a particular user played the most.

db.scores.aggregate([{$match: { user: userId } }, {$group: { _id: { course: "$course", variant: "$variant", tees: "$tees" }, played: { "$sum": 1 } } }]);

It shows that in the score keeping data, I've played the Blue Tees at the Front Nine at Sedgley Woods 6 times, and the Back Nine 5 times, since last year.


I will be able to use this to get a whole bunch of different statistics :)  I will make an announcement when that goes live, I want to put it on the web, it'll be fun.  It's written on my latest of the software I'm writing in Node.js.
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