Can you break it?

<script type="text/javascript">
function cleanseField(str){
str = str.replace(/<(/?)(b|i|u|em)>/ig,"_$1$2_").replace(/<.*?>/g,"").replace(/_(/?)(b|i|u|em)_/ig,"<$1$2>");
return str;
} function doit(){
var str = "<h3>Header</h3>Hello, my name is <eM>jason connell</Em>. <b>You</B> are awesome, like <i>italics</i><<scr"+"ipt>script type='text/javascript'>alert('sup');</sc"+"ript </scr"+"ipt>><u>underline</u>";

var spn = document.getElementById("test");
spn.innerHTML += "<h1>Original</h1>" + str;
spn.innerHTML += "<h1>Cleansed</h1>" + cleanseField(str);

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="doit();">Doit</a>
<span id="test"></span>

Trying to cleanse html but keep certain elements for now. Tested in Chrome and IE 8, but is there a string that will still put out a valid script tag? It's very important.

If only there was a way in HTML that you can specify, "scripts are only valid inside this segment of the page". It's a shame that you could execute a script anywhere.

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