On the eve of Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

I watch this movie:

It's a good one. It ends with "Flyers win the Stanley Cup!! Flyers win the Stanley Cup!!" But it has a lot of great Philly sports moments, like the 93 NL East Championship, Eagle's in '04 beating the Falcons to go to the Super Bowl, Dr. J's tomahawk dunk or whatever. It was made before the Phils won the NL East last year. Then it has a lot of bad moments... Lindros going down to Scott Stevens, Mitch Williams and the Phils losing the World Series in '93, shots of McNabb (although some good ones when he was athletic), and a bunch of other crap. But it ends on the best moments, and it gets me hyped up for the game. So much that it's 1am and I can't fall asleep.

The Flyers look great so far, and I hope they can keep it up.

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