A crooked habit of credit card companies

I have been paying my credit cards religiously. Like 200-300 a month, just to get the balance down. I went from around $2,000 a year ago to finally getting it nearly paid off this year. I have a recurring $100 charge going to the one credit card for my dedicated server on which this website is hosted (among others). However, I missed a payment last month. For which I was charged $40! WTF. That's all I got to say.

However, my student loan, which is still asking for $10,000, doesn't mind this practice. If I pay $200, I don't have to pay next month, since it is about $100 a month (less than that, but no less than $90). In fact, it warns me that I'm paying more than the required minimum amount. Credit cards got to shape up. WTF.

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