I hate politics

I found it hilarious when I read this:

As news of the hostage-taking spread, candidates from across the political spectrum put aside rivalries. Democrat Barack Obama, who has been trading sharp barbs with the New York senator, called Clinton to offer support.

Republican Mitt Romney, who has also been taking shots at Clinton, asked his staff to lock all his field offices and be on alert for suspicious individuals. "Our thoughts and prayers are with those involved in the situation in New Hampshire," Romney said in a statement early in the day.

First, it's like every other candidate wishes something like this would happen to another candidate so they can get good publicity out of showing their support, while the candidate it happened to appears weak. I can imagine Obama getting off the phone with the PR rep or an advisor, saying "call Hillary and offer your support". Then he gets off the phone with Hillary and immediately calls all of the local media. Or his PR advisor.

And the next thing that made me laugh was Mitt Romney locking his offices and looking out for suspicious people. When I first read that, I was like "Who the f@#$ is Mitt Romney?!"

I told Kate that I alternate the party I vote for every four years, so this year I'm going Republican.

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