Philadelphia fans defined

We're so misunderstood. People in other parts of the country, and most recently Buffalo (since the Flyers are playing the Sabres), hate Philadelphia fans. They call us "Scumbags". They say we have no class.

I say, we have passion. We have a f@%$ing TON of passion. We hate the other team, the other team's fans, the other team's fans' kids, the other team's fans' pets... everyone and everything that has to do with the other team. When the Olympics were on, and the teams split up to go to their National teams, I hated everyone on the Flyers, even, who wasn't American, but only for those two weeks :) When it was Forsberg and Niitymaki in the final game of the Olympics, I had calmed down on my hatred a bit, but had no idea who to cheer for, since they're both great Flyers.

Flyers fans will throw beer, punches, kicks, bras, food, truckloads of profanities, and anything else they can get their hands on. They will get kicked out of the game. And they will love every minute of it. If you are cheering for the other team, you will have never experienced as much misery in your whole life than during those three hours. We'll try to fight the players on the other team (Picture Tie Domi in the penalty box). We'll cheer when they're injured. We'd give anything to see a fight.

But we love our teams. We love the Flyers. And they love us back. It's an "us against the world" mentality. We stick together through the thick and thin. If the team senses that the fans aren't cheering enough, they'll go knock someone's head off. If the fans aren't sensing that the team is giving it their all, we'll BOO the s@#% out of them. It's a two way deal. We're both crutches, carrying our crippled city's championship history to the goal. A championship in Philadelphia. With our help, and some sh%^ kicking, jaw gnashing, hatred of the other teams, we will make it.

So, other cities of the NHL, understand that when you think lowly of the fans of Philadelphia, and the team of Philadelphia... you only make us proud.

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