Greatest Game of NHL 2k6 EVER!!

Yesterday, I had a half day because I had to be home for the cable guy to give us digital cable (which is pretty cool). I pulled into the local Wawa to get some lunch at like 1:50, just in time to get home and wait. Well, I start moving out of the parking lot, and sitting on the curb at the Wawa is Beaner. He said "My guitar's at your house." I drove him to our house, and his guitar was at our house. I thought he wanted to stop by and pick it up, and it was inside, but it turned out he went there first, waited for me to come home, couldn't get in the house, left his guitar out front, and went to Wawa. But, as I said before when my pillows got here, we live in a trustworthy neighborhood.

So, we sit there, eat our sandwiches and wait for the cable guy. After the cable was set up, we played "Monkey in the Middle" out front with our neighbor's six year old daughter. I won. ;-) After all that was over, Bean spoke words that he will regret forever. "Wanna play some hockey?"

This means, of course, NHL 2k6 on my PlayStation 2.

The first two games were pretty close. They were both tied going into the third period, where I would score one or two to secure the win. Then there was this thing on the NFL network, which we now get since we signed up for digital cable. It was hilarious. It was about the Vet (Veteran's Stadium in Philly, where the Eagles and Phillies used to play), about the 700 Level, fights, drinking, municipal court on location, etc. Hilarious. The next game, the infamous best game ever, was paused and waiting for the Eagles' show to be over, patiently awaiting the glory that was to come.

Los Angeles Kings (my team) vs. the Atlanta Thrashers. It starts out in my favor, 1-0 with a Jeremy Roenick goal. Bean ties it up shortly after. Then goes up 2-1. Then 3-1. Next, 4-1! Seeing a pattern? Bean's scoring tidal wave finally ends at 5-1. Each time he scored, past the 1-1 tie, I said "That's ok, I never lose." Every time. It was an opening for trash talk and bragging rights for the rest of the week :) If I lost, Bean wouldn't stop about it, and if I win, well, I would be posting it on my website :)

Third period, 5-1 Thrashers/Bean. 9 minutes to go. Something happens out front of Bean's net after I shoot the puck... the red light goes on. Bean put it in his net for me!! Thanks! 5-2. Another goal with 6 minutes to go. 5-3. Another one with 3 minutes, 5-4! Keep in mind, a 20 minute period is played over the real time of 5 minutes (for non mathematical wizards out there, 4 game minutes goes by in 1 real life minute). It's coming down to the wire. 3 minutes left, fighting off chances, pressure is building, two minutes left, getting some chances of my own, generally an all out brawl, Bean and I are as tense as can be, one minute left, Pavol Demitra gets the puck, moves in, shoots, the goalie goes down in the butterfly, it hits his pad, bounces once, twice, towards the net, and in as slow motion as you can possibly make something without stopping it, squirts across the goal line!!!! 46 seconds left, TIE GAME!!! The greatest comeback in HISTORY!!!

Overtime. Bean can't lose this game because, well, that would just blow. Five minutes into the 20 minute OT (we don't like shootouts), JR gets the puck again, fakes the shot, turns towards the boards, sees a cutting left winger and hits him in front of the net for the win. Bean loses. I rock.

Greatest game EVER! :P

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