Friday Update

Hey weekend dwellers! Time for the bi-century Friday update! This week, I started looking for a house, got pre-approved for a mortgage so they can know my range, and spent about 21 hours going through house listings, daydreaming about living there based off of 4 100x100 pixel images, allowing my imagination to run rampant. One house only had a 100x100 picture of the front, and in the back I imagined a giant waterslide and pool, and kind of a small theme park named Jasonland where you can buy cinnamon twists and ice cream, soda, beer, and tickets for the rides. I know when I see that house I'm going to be terribly disappointed.

There are a lot of nice houses for sale in my town. It should be fun.

I've gained a new nickname, but I'm not sure how I got it since I was RIPPED that night :) Rastaman J or something, since I have been known to lose myself to some reggae once in a while :) Plus they had this band there that did my favorite music styles... reggae and blues. Beer + favorite music + girls = @#$%@#$!#@!^#$%*%^$%^^#$%#$@#$@# WASTED DANCING FOOL!!! HAHA it's fun.

Nothing going on this weekend except more drinking, possibly some video games, and hopefully some celebrating Flyers' victories all weekend since they lost last night :(

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