I'm not a vampire!!

Don't read this if you want to play Elder Scrolls IV and not know anything about it going into it, or unless you've already been a vampire in real life or in the game :) And if that ruined part of the game for you, I'm sorry :( But says in your stats, before you learn about Vampirism, "Days as a Vampire : 0"... So, it's not my fault

This wasn't made public yet, but I was a vampire for 15 days!! In Elder Scrolls IV, that is!


I didn't want to jump ahead in the actual plot of the game (actually, I'm stuck in that part, but that's fine, there's so much more to do and no rush to do anything!). I joined the Fighter's Guild first and was doing lots of missions with them. I've made quite a bit of gold (which I actually have a physical piece of since I bought the collector's edition of the game) doing that and leveled up a bit in physical combat related areas (Swords, Heavy Armor, Speed, Agility, Endurance). However, I'm of the race "Red Guard", so I start out adept in some magic and some combat. So, instead of continuing on the Fighter's Guild path, I joined the Mage's Guild! During one of the missions to acquire recommendations from heads of the Mage's Guild in each city, I had to go into this catacomb and find a certain type of stone. There were vampires in there, and I eventually caught the "poryphyric hemophilia" disease, because there was a sexy vampire in there and it's like medieval times, there are no contraceptives. I kid, you combat a vampire and you can catch the disease. However, stupid me thought nothing of it after two days and no symptoms. I forgot I had it! (A day in game is a few hours, but you can skip over most of it by sleeping or waiting, or fast-traveling far without a horse). Then, I wake up one day, and I get this message, saying something about a dream, then at the top I notice all these attributes and skills being added: "Vampirism Added", "Lure of the Vampire Added", etc. It wasn't long after I realized that the disease I contracted turns you into a vampire after three days! That SUCKED. It was fine at first, but when you're a vampire for two days, you get hurt in the sun. And in three days, you can hardly get from door to door, running as fast as you can, without dying. The longer you go without feeding on someone's blood, the more kickass you become. You get your stats up to like a bazillion. I was whooping monsters' asses. But, you can't do anything! I had to find a cure. Luckily, the guy at the Arcane Academy told me where I can find one. This old witch up in the hills along the river. She needed some stuff before she was willing to give me a cure though. So, I got them for her. Next, she didn't have ANY of the ingredients for the cure... WTF b@#%@!! You say you can make it, why don't you have the ingredients?!?! It only took me a day to get the ingredients, though, lucky for her.

This was weird though, presumably a bug in the game. After I got the last ingredient, which happened to be ashes from this "powerful" Vampire that I completely OWNED. He was trying to PUNCH me and I was already at level 12 since I had gone through a bunch of the Fighter's Guild missions, and I had this awesome sword and a Lightning enchanted Wizard staff. The dude didn't stand a chance. But anyway, I went back to her to give her the last ingredient, and she wanted to whoop my ass!! She is powerful, too, summoning ghosts and skeleton archers on me, shooting me with magic to drain some stuff. I'm like WTF I just want to give you the last ingredient! Fortunately, there's a way to "yield" to someone, like an ally if you accidentally swiped a sword half way through their skull, by holding up your block (right click) and pressing the action key. The thing at the top would say "Whatsherface accepts your yield." But, then she'd apply Chameleon (I can't see her unless I look close for her), shoot me up with spells again, and summon more ghosts!! I got around it by yielding and clicking to talk to her real quick. After she gave me the potion to cure Vampirism, she still wanted to kick my ass, so I just ran out, got on my horse and got the f@#%@# out of there!

That was fun. Sorry to bore everyone but the game ROCKS.

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