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I ran out of toothpaste. Well, we can never really run out of toothpaste because we have the bubble gum flavored toothpaste in the cabinet for extreme emergencies. My brother also has one of those travel toothpaste tubes for the extreme emergencies when we're almost forced to use the bubble gum toothpaste. It's "Vanilla Mint" flavored. "MMmmmmm" you might think... well, think again. Brushing your teeth for 26 years using regular toothpaste, anything else tastes like #@$#@%@. It literally brought me to gag! And vanilla does not seem to get your teeth clean. Besides being called "Vanilla", it's brown like chocolate, which makes sense. It sucked this morning. Choosing between those two is like choosing between death by tar and feathers and death by drawing and quartering. Neither of which I am fond of. Why can't I have a death by thousand year sex thrown in there? Not to say that any toothpaste has reached that caliber to me, but that would be a sweet way to die. Then it occurred to me... why do I have to brush my teeth? It doesn't really effect me socially... I can't see my own teeth, and I can't smell my own breath, which is why people do that hot-breath-to-the-hand-up-to-the-nose routine. I might be able to taste my own breath, but that's what coffee's for. Other people will see Friday's breakfast stuck between my teeth, and be avoiding me at all costs, but I will not.. be avoiding me.

In other news, I started over last night, and basically got to the same point before I stopped a few days ago. Except it's better now. Less stuff in more places instead of most of it in one place. It's better. I'll be done soon. Peace f#@%$@#$@#ers!!

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