Stupid Game I had to buy

I downloaded the demo of The Movies the other day and finally got around to playing it last night. It seems like a good way to waste an entire weekend :) So, I ordered it off of, but the default, free method of shipping, 2nd day delivery, wasn't acceptable since I wanted to waste away this weekend playing it. So, I paid an extra $3.99 for the overnight delivery. I should be getting it by tomorrow, or else I will sue Amazon for me not being able to waste a weekend.

This game was created by a good studio in the gaming world, Lionhead Studios, which has some really quality games out there. If you know video games, you know Lionhead. I will buy any game from the following developers: Relic, Valve, Bioware, Blizzard (except for World of Warcraft), 3D Realms, Lionhead, Firaxis (God bless CIV!!), and Sierra. I show the most reluctance to buying a game when there's an "EA" symbol on the cover. I definitely own games by other developers, but these are the ones I buy without researching or reading at least one review. I just know they're going to be good.

So, this weekend I'll be hiring actors, crew, directors, extras, as well as script writers, buying sets, and making movies. Then releasing them to the public and making bazillions of dollars. It should be fun. I'll post screens.

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