Poker Night, I WON!!!

Well, to me I won, as in I put in $10 for the buy-in, and left with $20! I came in second place. We were playing Texas Hold 'em. At the start, the cards were falling for me. I won the first hand, which was a nice boost in confidence (and chips). Then I sat back for a few hands, then won a hand with 4 (FOUR) KINGS!!! That was a huge hand, and I basically had enough chips to last me a while. Two others were in the hand, and they were betting because they had full houses with 3 Kings on the board. I had a king in my pocket and just kept betting. The last King fell on the river, which made everyone bet huge. I knew I couldn't be beat, so those guys were the ones gambling, not me. I'll tell you though, my heart was pounding for a good five minutes after that hand. The adrenaline rush is nothing that can be beaten.

Those two were pretty much the only good hands I had. I did eliminate two people, my brother Pat and Jeff's coworker, and coincidentally a guy who I went to high school with, Joe. For Pat, I caught a 10 on the river or something. For Joe, I had A, J suited spades, and he went in with nothing, and got nothing. I think I won with the high card. When it came down to just three of us, I was the definite underdog. Two of Pat's friends, Mitch and Tim, were the other two left. They had mountains of chips like I had towards the beginning of the game, only multiplied by 6 other people's chips. I had basically the same amount I had since I won the Kings pot. You win some and you lose some... I tripled up a hand with those two, going all in and both of them calling. I forget what I had because after poker, we all went to Casey's and got ripped. Then the one hand. 8, J, J on the flop. Tim goes all in like he has 8,J in the pocket. Mitch has an 8, and after several minutes of deliberation, he calls. I was long gone on this hand since I was dealer. Tim has neither, and no cards fall to help him. He's gone. I almost conceded victory since I had around 800 chips, and Mitch had like a bazillion. Three hands later I go all in on a suited combo, like K, 10 or something. I lost. But I won $10! Mitch won $60.

That's always a blast. It's a great way to spend $10, if you last a while. Then you go to the bar and talk about the great hands that everyone played.

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