It's very, very young. Basically, last night, I went from being able to only add a new "Author" to being able to edit and delete them, as well as detect that a book has an "Author", and when editing a book, to show a list of authors to choose who wrote that book. Feel free to try it out. There will be bugs for a long, long time, and I've noticed quite a few on those two simple objects, so just bare with me.

There are quite a few object types that I need to support in order to be able to convert this website over to the new system. First thing's first, though. Naming the software! Considering the fact that it's using the same exact version of "dumb" as this website, and the whole front end is built using information collected from "dumb", it's only right that it be called "dumb web" (read about it here).

So far, the development is progressing nicely. I hit a few speed bumps last night, but just glided over them and now it's just a matter of supporting more object types. Right now, you can see that "Foreign Keys" are supported (if you know your database talk), as well as strings (like Author name and Book title), and another type of string that I'll just call a "long string" (or "text" to the db folk), which is tested with a biography on the Author object. Other object types to support would be dates, files, many to many lists (like news can be in many categories), one to many lists (a poll's answers are entered in a list), and a potentially long list of others. It should be fun, and will probably never be done.

Check out the site here. I prefer that everyone access it without the "www." in front, because it just looks cooler, but the non-cool way is still supported... for now :-P

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