Friday Afternoon Paper Reading

Reading the paper today, I learned that the Flyers acquired Petr Nedved from the Coyotes! They traded Dennis Seidenberg (who needs Germans on the team, anyway?). They should have traded Chris Turnover... er... Therien. He's made one good play all year. Before any Germans go all anti-German on me, I'm 50% German, it was a joke :) It's my better half.

Then I came across this mountain of useless information. "Pa. milk production climbed 4.5 percent in 2005". Obviously someone thinks it's important. It's like, 4.5 percent. If that's important, then it would be just as important to note that my facial hair has grown 4.5 percent in the last 4 hours. Or that I've put a steady 4.5 percent of full, actual work in the time I've been here today. Plus it's MILK. I could see Oil production raising 4.5 percent being news. If that's news then so is "Hair gel production rose 4.5 percent in 2005."

It may show my complete lack of business knowledge, but that's not anything I'm trying to hide! I know how to buy stuff and pay bills, that's all I really need to know :)

In other news, nothing interesting happened today. It's Friday. If "slacking off at work on Friday" made news, then everyone would be in the paper, and we wouldn't have to deal with reading about the output ability of Pennsylvania's cows over the last year.

I thought I'd throw this in here... a few weeks ago I watched the news on local TV for the first time in literally 3 years. It went like this: "Death, Robbery, Death, Accident, Traffic, Death, Murder, WAY TOO HAPPY WEATHERMAN". I'm like "HOLY S@#$%#@ That guy is WAY too happy following all that bad news." The mood swing, if I had let it happen, would have been big enough to cause a heart attack.

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