Blind People

It would suck to be blind. I watched the movie "Contact" for the 7 thousandth time last night, and it just occurred to me, the guy who's blind hasn't seen a star in his life! I don't know why it takes me so long to come to simple conclusions sometimes, but it does, and I deal with it. But, lately I've been getting better, I feel myself getting smarter, and I've recently measured my head and it's a few centimeters bigger. So that's good. Anyway, back to blind people. I hope you aren't blind, and if you aren't, I hope you aren't reading this to some blind person... the last thing I need is to receive Braille fan (or hate) mail. At least blind people can still listen to my music :)

Anyway, that guy studies stars and doesn't even know what they really look like, unless he was given a very detailed description by someone in the poetry business or something, and he has a hell of an imagination. I think it would suck way worse to be blind your whole life, rather than going blind later. At least you have a point of reference for a description of stuff, when describing it to a blind person who went blind later in life. They know what "green" is, and they've seen a tree before, and the sun rise and set, and the moon, and snow. Stuff that you generally take in through the eyes. But if you're trying to describe it to a blind lifer, you'd be like "It kinda looks like a giant sombrero... you don't know what a sombrero looks like? Well, it's brown. No brown either huh? Imagine a ... nevermind..." You'd have to be blind in order to be able to describe whatever it is that you're looking at that looks like a giant sombrero.

I can't imagine how frustrating that would be.

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