Guess what I FOUND!!!

[jason@linux 1-jtccom]# cd albums
[jason@linux albums]# ls
[jason@linux albums]# cd jason
[jason@linux jason]# ls
album1 album11 album13 album15 album2 album4 album6 album8
album10 album12 album14 album16 album3 album5 album7 album9
[jason@linux jason]# cd album14
[jason@linux album14]# ls
[jason@linux album14]# cd ..
[jason@linux jason]# cd album15
[jason@linux album15]# ls
bikekick.jpg fable001.jpg fable002.jpg fable003.jpg
bikekick_t.jpg fable001_t.jpg fable002_t.jpg fable003_t.jpg
[jason@linux album15]# echo w00t!!!
-bash: !: event not found

I found the images and downloads that make this whole website the most boringest in the entire internet!!! At least I don't have to redo everything! Man, that just made my day. GO FLYERS!!!

They aren't back up yet, I'm downloading everything now, and soon will put all the crap in their proper folders.

[Update ... 12:22 AM] Everything has been restored! Woohoo!! Download away

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