The Greatest Thing about Wireless Internet is Neighbors with WAPs

Subtitled: Guess what I bought yesterday?!?

I know I should be saving (I think I have a post on the subject as far back as... oh yeah, yesterday), but that money's in a different account, the "Do Not Spend" account... but if there's money in my "Bills, Life Support and/or Devious Pleasures" account, that S@%@#1 doesn't stand a chance. Not even in my most glory filled moment of resistance to the evils of temptation would have I been able to resist the technologically marvelous beauty of what is known as the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

And, thanks to the neighbor with the unsecured wireless router with SSID of "linksys" (you know who you are) for letting me download the update to it with no problems :)

(Actually, I think it's my cool neighbors, Tom and Lisa. Thanks guys!)

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