Finally able to save

It's different for me when I look at my savings account online and see *only* credits, and no debits. I'm trying to save a bunch of money this year, which will be one of my New Year's Resolutions, but I figured, why wait until then? Some of my other New Year's Resolutions are to play video games more often, to make time for more programming, to cut down and possibly quit smoking, and of course, to work out and lose some of my excess weight. I want a mountain bike.

Anyway, I like earning free money, and watching this interest stuff accumulate is fun. Right now I'm earning $0.18 a month. When I get enough saved up, I'm opening a money market account, then the free money will really start pouring in. That's not for at least 2 months though. There's a minimum amount required to open one at my bank, and I'm about 40% of the way there. Should be fun.

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I was just about the sickest that I've ever been. I was awake for a total of 4 hours between 1 am yesterday and around 7:40 this morning. I couldn't move. I had a hard time moving this morning too, but I managed.

I was able to get a gift for my Mom. Thanks for your help ;-) I asked my Dad for help, and he came up with something decent. I went up to Boscov's (Shout out to Zatko) and got a bottle of perfume. I went there on Friday, the 23rd. Traffic wasn't all that bad at 4 PM (work let out early). At the Granite Run Mall, Boscov's is attached to the mall, but has its own entrances (like most big stores attached to malls), so I parked near it, found the spot that sold the perfume I needed, paid for it, took a walk around the first floor of the mall, and left. It was my best experience going Christmas shopping that late. I've gone to the Springfield Mall on Christmas Eve, and I would not recommend it.

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