SuperBowl Poll

I added a new poll. For a while there, I had forgotten that I even have polls! Anyway, it works still :) This one's a SuperBowl poll and it only includes the teams that are at the top of their division as of today, December 23, 2005, based on this list. I'll add more teams based on Wild Cards later. Maybe I'll change the "Go Live" date so it doesn't show up until everyone's in there, so you might even ignore this post until then :)

Check the Polls page often.

Personally, since the Eagles aren't in there, I will be rooting for the other bird, the Seahawks.

[Update] Ok, I set it to go live on the 26th, after this weekend. Hopefully we'll have a better idea of who's in then.

[Update Nummer Zwei] Umm, so, I still don't know who's in the playoffs, so I'll officially go live with it at the end of the season! I'll work on Todd's suggestion until then, so it'll just show up either over or under the calendar on the right side.

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