I realized I enjoy driving

I really do, just not when there are other people on the road. I am a fun loving guy, but when someone's applying their brakes all the way down a hill, limiting them to 30 mph, and I'm stuck behind them, forced to brake with them, then I just want to rip their head off. I don't care, I hate them. It's road rage, but where my fun loving side comes in, and what will prevent me from ever doing anything violent (even anything as gruesomely violent as 'honking the horn'), is when we part ways, and a good song comes on, I am no longer angry.

Yesterday, I'm following this car, they turn left where I also have to turn left, and as they're making the turn, they come to nearly a complete stop. I'm like "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" It turns out, it was an old lady. I don't have any preconceived notions, really, about how old ladies should drive. I have learned to devoid myself of stereotyping, and old lady drivers are one of the groups that I don't stereotype. Simply because my Grandmom, who we address as "Nanny", has not fit into this stereotype for as long as I've known her. I remember one day in high school, my parents were away and she was at our house watching us, and she had to drive me to school. After the first stop sign, I put my seat belt on! She guns it!

I've learned to re-classify the drivers of the road... not necessarily "dumb" and "smart", or "female" or "old", but "confident" and "doubtful". People who brake down the hill are either doubting their ability to drive or their car's ability to handle, or they're just scared that a cop will pull them over. People who have confidence in their ability to drive (and lack a backseat driver or someone to yell at them for going so fast [who, coincidentally, lacks the confidence in their driver]) generally go 50 down a winding road and enjoy the time they spend doing it, rather than being scared.

Another class is the "non-courteous" drivers. It's 8:15 AM, people have to be in work soon, yet you'll find one driver on a one lane road, going 38 in a 40, holding back EVERYONE behind them. Have some courtesy. Plus, you won't get pulled over! Just go like 46 or so. Speed limits are merely suggestions when there's no cops around.

With all this speed talk, there is a cautious side to me. You'll never see me going more than 15mph on a street where there could possibly be kids outside playing. So, if you're behind me on one of these roads, and I'm pissing you off because I am going so slow, then I'm sorry. However, on any other road not covered in snow or ice, I won't hold you up :)

I hope everyone reads this one. Please, link it everywhere!! Especially if you're in south east Pennsylvania.

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