I bought Season 1 of the X-Files the other day. It is by far my favorite TV show. So far, that I don't even have a "second" favorite, really. Not one that if I see on, I just stop and watch, and throw the remote control across the room to show exactly how content I would be just watching it even with no remote for commercials. And now, I don't have to worry about commercials! I obviously never bought another TV series collection, but I have watched a "Friends" series over in a sorority house at West Chester University a while ago, and for a while we had "Family Guy" seasons 1 and 2, and watching something with no commercials is great. They still have the lead up to commercials, the very suspenseful part right before it goes to break so you won't change the channel, and you're still like "F!%##!. Commercial...", but then it just goes right back to the show. It adds to the gratification that you get from simply watching your far and away favorite show.

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