It's On

I have a wager for $5 with Dan Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the sun will not set tomorrow. It's pretty much giving him $5. I also threw in there other conditions like if I drop a brick, it will go up instead of down, and also that I will be struck by lightning within the next 10 minutes.

Ok, not really, but close to it. I bet him that the Phillies will make the playoffs! In my short 26 years, I have seen stranger things. I'm just hoping that I will see another strange thing. $5 is not chump change, that's like my morning coffee and smokes (i.e. everything you need).

There is also a side bet on the Red Sox not making it. I bet that they won't make it, even though it's not how I really feel, it's just for fun. Dan's from Boston, so he knows what it's like for your baseball team to not win for way more than 12 years or 25 years. Hopefully Boston loses this time or I'll owe 10 bucks.

The Cubs won last night so the Phillies have a chance. The chance may be minuscule, like winning the lottery, but if everyone thought they can't win the lottery, then no one would play.

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