A prediction

I predict a huge upsurge in satellite radio sales. I don't know what makes me so sure (registration required).

"[Howard] Stern is due to move next year to Sirius Satellite Radio, which is free of FCC policing."

I don't listen to the guy, but I know at least 3 of my brothers do. Even if I had the opportunity to listen to radio, I just listened to WMMR. I can't stand Stern, honestly. But I know he's loved by millions. Everyone will have satellite radio.

This reminds me of a joke by the late, great Mitch Hedburg, talking about doing an interview on satellite radio.

"... The host told me you can curse on satellite radio. I said 'Of course you can curse, cause no one is there to hear it! You can curse in the woods too.'"

This will no longer be the case, millions will hear, and will be free of FCC policing.

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