Israel vs. Palestine: Part II

As you may have heard, the Israeli Gaza pullout happened over the weekend. The last of the Israelis left in an armored bus with bulletproof windows and Stars of David (the Israeli flag) hanging out the windows. This is a beautiful act, giving people some land after you had rightfully claimed it through victory in war. So, some Palestinian says this : "We will not close our eyes, we will not rest until they leave all our land." Believe me, I have no hard feelings against any party involved, but this statement brings me to enough discomfort to post this entry. It is only by good deed and respect for a land's previous occupiers that a land is given back to them.

Let's rewind back to 1967. Well, before that, 1938. The good Jewish people are systematically hunted down and brought to Nazi Concentration camps from mainly Germany, Austria and Poland. 1945, after the war, the survivors flee to countries along the Mediterranean as well as their homes. 1967, a large group of people just decides to F@#%@#$ing invade Palestine, since the Bible said that area of the world was the Promised Land, their land. I remember learning about it in school. There was practically no resistence. The group, probably numbering around ten thousand, just marched through, taking city after city, until Palestine was theirs. That's bad-ASS.

Again, I stress I am not one sided in this manner, but, man, those Jewish settlers are AWESOME. So, now these other people... what're they called again.. oh yeah, the Palestinians (which is an awkward name, that would imply that they are from a land called Palestine, yet, there is no Palestine, because of some kickass Jews like The Hebrew Hammer on Comedy Central). I don't like calling "Jewish People" Jews. Yell at me if you're offended. Until they took over Palestine, they were probably called that, but now, the ones that live in Israel are called Israelis, which is definitely a lot cooler, and I can say without feeling like I'm being a giant A@#@hole.

Anyway, back to the story. Now, Palestinians suicide bomb Israel and just expect that they'll leave. As explained in the first paragraph, they took it over, forcefully, they now own it. They govern it, they have their leaders in place, etc. They aren't going anywhere, and I don't blame them. Just face it, "Palestinians", you got your asses WHOOPED back in 1967. Either make due with what the extremely nice and peace-seeking Israelis gave you, or STFU and form an army and try to take it back using real war tactics, not this stupid suicide bomb tactics. Oh, right, you know you'll get ROMPED again if you try to fight a real fight.

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