It's only a matter of time

It only took a year or so for a movie about e-mail. I was in college in 1997 when I first really started using e-mail. You've Got Mail came out in 1998. I don't know when this "web log" phenomenon started up, really. The original was up in Mid 2001. They're now huge, so we should be seeing previews for a movie about them shortly. I can't imagine what to call it. Perhaps "Publish to the World" or "You Got Published!" or "Media of the Masses" or "For the People, By the People" ... I don't know. Post your ideas. Whatever it's called, it's gonna be awesome, and I should be listed in the credits. I think Johnny Depp will be the leading role, with Jennifer Connelly playing the supporting one. That would make a good flick. I anticipate it like a guy dressed in a Darth Vader outfit at midnight 2 days before the opening of the latest Star Wars. I'd be out there with my laptop and dressed up as my website. Don't think I don't have the costume already... it's in my closet.

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