Sometimes I watch movies

I saw a few movies in the last couple of days.

Coach Carter: Good, but during the whole movie, you only see someone miss a shot ONCE. At least during game time. I guess you can't really show them missing, there's no point in showing it, but that's my only qualm with the movie. Other than that it's really good.

Constantine: OK. Not the worst Keanu Reeves movie I've ever seen. I like Rachel Weisz, but not as an actress. She's right up there with my Jennifer Connelly obsession.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: Different. I like it though. Jim Carrey is good, you see many characters played by him.

Alexander: Whatever you do, avoid seeing this movie at all costs! This morning I laughed, Beaner slept over last night, and he was watching it as I was heading out for work, and I said to myself "Boy, is he in for some disappointment. That sucks." Jeff and I turned it off before it ended. I don't know how many chapters are on the DVD, but we didn't wait til it was done with 32, which is pretty close to the end, but we couldn't take it anymore. It kept jumping back and forth, showing "uncomfortable" scenes, using long words and obsolete language, and pretty much wasn't filled with action at all. There were two war scenes, and I was thinking it's a movie about Alexander the Great, who pretty much conquered the known world. But, there was a lot more to it than that. The war scenes were pretty cool. It would be a good movie if it was told in a different way, and got rid of some scenes.

Hostage: Pretty good. Suspenseful, but really F@#%!@#ing bloody! You see exit wounds, dudes getting engulfed in fire, a kid dying and being soaked in his own blood, a psychotic or two, corporate crime, etc. Good but you question the need to show a 7 or 8 year old boy's face as he takes his last breath. There's no need. The kid in "Pay It Forward" died, and you got the point, but they didn't show it.

Team America World Police: There was always a little chuckle in every scene, just because of the way all of the little puppets walked and everything. But there were some laugh out loud scenes too. The sex scene and the talk about "Dicks, A^%@holes and P@#$@#ies". I will not be reproducing it on my website though :-P I don't know if I will be watching it again, though. I don't feel compelled. However, I am not upset that I watched it, especially since we watched it right after Alexander. It was much needed comic relief.

I have to buy me some more good movies. Contact and Rounders are still great, and are always scheduled for a 11:30 PM showing in my room, but I need more.

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