New Google Toy

Recently I wrote about how the Internet was going to hell, and I had mentioned that one reason was the fact that the sheer amount of information available on the internet will be an overwhelming amount for any search engine to handle. One complaint I had was when I typed in my name, my website didn't show up for at least 7 pages. Well, I've taken a look at Google's method of at least trying to solve this type of problem: Personalized Search.

Essentially, personalized search keeps track of all of your past searches. You can either search the web, or as you search the web often, and your history builds up, you can search your history. However, searching the web does not also show results in your history, which I think they will change.

Also, I noted this. Being the anniversary of the lunar landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Google now has a type of satellite picture of the moon, pinpointing the locations of various important places on the moon. It's cool. And funny! Zoom in all the way, you will see Google's humor once again.

Apparently, isn't integrated with so this directions request didn't work:

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