A Few Awesomenesses

I rarely watch TV besides sporting events and sometimes the news, but when I do, I manage to find entertaining stuff. Last night was the first show of the new season of "The Surreal World". The last one, with Chris Knight, was good. I did watch most of it. The new one has people in it like "Pepa" from "Salt 'n Pepa", and Balki from that show, and a couple of good looking women, and a dirtbike pioneer, and of course, Jose Canseco. It's going to rule.

Another show, on that same channel (it's a Godsend), is that fat show I had mentioned before, where everyone has a set amount of weight to lose, and they form teams, and whatever team loses the most weight wins. This is mildly entertaining when it's just normal people, but now there are personalities on there that most of us would know already. That girl from the Snapple commercials (Wendy), the lead singer from Warrant, Victoria Jackson of SNL, Phil Margera (Bam's dad who gets the S%@!#^# kicked out of him by Bam in pretty much every episode of Jackass [I don't watch the new one]). Of course there's more, but most worthy of a mention is Gary Busey. This dude rocks.

Let me clarify something though. I don't care for celebrities any more than I care for us "normal" folk. I don't know why, but if I saw someone who I don't consider an "extraordinary celebrity", they might get a second look from me if they're lucky. Not all celebrities are created equal, and of course, it's all opinion, but I find that there's an elite group of super talented folk who deserve it. Probably a topic for another discussion. Basically, don't expect this to become a hotbed for celebrity talk. In fact, you might as well get it all out on this post. There's a reason I don't have categories on the left entitled "TV" or "Celebrities". I don't watch TV really, and I find it a waste of time to talk about other people, anybody, either in a nice way or in a bad way, but especially in a bad way.

Anyway, back to Gary Busey. So, this guy, you may have heard, was in a huge motorcycle accident, had a huge change on his outlook on life, appreciates it more and everything, and became a philosopher of sorts. And these other people laugh at him when he comes up with stuff like his acronym of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) and when he states that his team was put together by a power greater than himself and it's a sign. They laugh at him. Those guys, whoever they are, have no idea what he's been through and how he perceives life. They should just STFU in my opinion. But, whoever got this group of people together are geniuses. They know what people will clash, put them on the team together, and it becomes entertainment for all of us, defending Gary Busey or ripping on the Snapple girl. It's not even worth that much time talking about it, and I've wasted 8 minutes of my life. The disrespect shown is unbelievable. I was in an accident, and if I claimed that it changed my life, and acted like it like Busey does, I'd pity anyone who laughed at me, but he's probably too nice for that.

Sometimes I catch the first show of a season (last night I caught 2), and then never watch it again. We'll see what happens. I want to see if Bam's Dad loses 80 pounds! He considers mowing the lawn on a RIDE-ON MOWER exercise, it's hilarious.

Something else that's funny: I saw the Hulk Hogan reality show last night, where his daughter who's 16 wants to go on a date with a 22 year old, and Hulk's having a hard time letting her, and finally agrees to it after buying GPS tracking equipment for the car. OK. She's 16. The one scene had her coming out after getting a shower, in very skimpy bra and panties. Hulk, any guy who watched that episode has now lusted after your daughter. That's no estimated guess. Hulk, minding who his daughter dates at 16, apparently doesn't mind that the rest of the country now has very little left to imagine of her.

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