The Long Process is Starting

Since I'd rather not use my dedicated Linux server as an email server as well, and catch tons of spam eating away at my 1000GB monthly bandwidth, I have a few free email accounts and one not so free. Namely, 4 or 5 gmail accounts and a hotmail account. There are probably others. However, I'm starting to hate hotmail. I pay $20/year for it, and will probably still pay for it at least one more year. I am going to try to completely convert over to my gmail account. They have better spam filtering with NO initial setup! For instance, only one email that was junk got into my inbox, but NO emails that weren't junk went into my "spam" folder. Hotmail basically has no idea. Gmail is smart. The one thing it's lacking is email groups, but it's underway. Everything else is solid. I've started using labels to categorize mail, which is cool. The one thing that I don't like about Gmail is that all of your mail stays in the one folder. I see where they're coming from, and perhaps if I use more labels and more frequently, I'll start to see the beauty of them, and won't care as much about the one folder thing. The one extra extra strong thing that gmail offers is it'll automatically store sent messages. I sometimes like to read messages after I've sent them along to make sure I wrote them perfectly, sometimes laugh at my own jokes that I wrote in them, or just simply waste a few minutes of time. I always forget to check the little checkbox in hotmail to store a message that I'm sending. I hate it. Gmail is good where I want it to be good.

So if you have me as a contact in your mail program, please update my email address to :

jasontconnell [the at sign] gmail [the dot] com

So, email me already.

This process has started. Yesterday, I copied all of the worthwhile contacts from my hotmail account, saved them as a csv file after much pain and suffering, and did an import into gmail. Works like a charm. That contact groups thing hurts me, because I wanted to send an email out to everyone that I drink with. I would create a group called "Drinking buddies" and send it a message. Gmail doesn't have great contact support, either (or "yet"), like it only has Name and Email address fields, but it's a beta (meaning, it's not finished). So later on they'll probably have phone fields, extra email addresses for people, pictures, quick facts (like, "This guy can't hold his liquor"), and other neat stuff.

If you want to try gmail out, send me an email, although I can't imagine anyone who spends more than 30 minutes a day on the internet doesn't have an account...

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