Phillies Game and Summer

I will be at the Phillies / Diamondbacks game today at 1:35. It's a business person's special. Perfect timing that summer decided to roll in here in Philadelphia. It'll be going up to 92 today, which Arizoners scoff at, but I know an Arizoner who grew up in Philly, and he said he'd much rather have the humidity-less heat of Arizona than the can't-breath heat of Philly. Of all things brutal, this is the brutalest (word?).

Our A/C went on yesterday for the first time. At the game today, I'll be consuming liquids the whole time. I might miss half of the game due to bathroom breaks. I have my camera with me so I'll be sure to get pictures of phenomena as they occur.

[Update] I just got my ticket from my coworker. I'll be in Section 145! That's homerun territory!

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