Still haven't seen the new Star Wars

I'll get around to it. But quick fact for the day... "Vader" is close to the German word for "Father". It's "Vater". Also, it's pretty close to the German word for "Water", which really isn't that close, but that's "Wasser". 'W' is pronounced like a "V" and "V" is pronounced like an "F". So "Vater" is pronounced (with the other German pronounced stuff) like "Fotter", and "Wasser" is pronounced "Vosser". As you can see, Darth Vader is actually dirty water or "Dark Water". That's a cool name for a villain. The other one, "Dark Father", that just doesn't make sense at all, if you've seen the movies.

Anyway, you can try to stump Darth Vader by going here. Those games amaze me, but I stumped him on "screwdriver". What an idiot.

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