Movie Prediction Correct

The Aviator is a good movie. I'm not going to spoil anything about it, but, "The way of the future... the way of the future... The WAY of the FUTURE"... Anyway, watch it, you'll understand :) I liked it a lot. It's not only about planes, Howard Hughes was a genius, one of those geniuses (genii?) that is insane. Completely insane. Inherits money from his parents who were in the drill bits business and uses it to do all this neat stuff. It's a quality flick. I have to come up with a rating system of my own, but for now I'll go with the highly overused rating of 4 out of 4, and the highly overused rating system of "stars". I'll think of something else to use.

On the topic of insane people, don't you like those movies? I thought "Secret Window" was a good depiction of insanity... as well as "Fight Club", and of course "A Beautiful Mind". Anything where someone sees things that aren't there (besides ghosts) is a good flick in my mind. I just like those. "The Sixth Sense" is a good flick but it doesn't fall in that category. Name some other movies where people see stuff that isn't there, by reason of insanity, or just movies that are about insane people. Also, I like movies about really smart people ("Catch Me If You Can","Pirates of Silicon Valley", et al.). Quite a weird fascination I have going on, I might say.

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